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Strategic Direction

Strategic Planning:

It is important to understand initially what Strategic Planning is, why companies do Strategic Planning, and when it is done.

What is it?

Strategic Planning is a tool for management to formulate high–level Business Strategy. Strategic Planning allows you later to do more detailed Business Plans. Strategic Planning is top down planning.

Why do Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning is undertaken in order to define the precise mission of the company or organization, prioritize opportunities, help manage growth, and focus on key objectives.

Strategic Planning also is very useful in satisfying Succession planning needs.

When to do Strategic Planning?

Most Strategic Planning is undertaken to establish base guidelines for a Business Plan. It also provides the benefit of helping maximize resource utilization and prioritize growth options.

Strategic Business Planning Steps

Strategy Planning Steps

  • Internal and External Review
  • Future Mapping
  • Prioritized Strategic Issues
  • Vision and/or Mission Statements
  • Resource Requirements
  • Corporate Objectives and Strategies
  • Contingency Plans
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